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Attic Radiant Barrier

Attic insulation is a crucial part of any home’s construction. It can help keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it keeps you safe from mold and mildew growth, and it helps to reduce energy costs. But what exactly does attic insulation do? Unfortunately, attic insulation is one of the things that is often forgotten or overlooked by homeowners and can lead to many problems in the home including incredibly high heating and cooling costs. 

What Does Attic Insulation Do Exactly? 

When the weather is cold outside, insulation in your attic will help to keep heat inside your house. It does this by trapping air and preventing it from being released into the atmosphere. This can be done through various types of insulation including fiberglass batts or blown-in cellulose insulation for example. 

The same goes when it’s hot out too! Your attic should also have an insulating barrier that keeps cool air trapped within so you won’t need as much energy cooling down your home during the summer months either. Fiberglass batt insulation is a popular choice here because it not only acts as an insulator but also provides sound-damping qualities which are perfect for those who live near busy roads or parks with noisy traffic etc. 

The problem with older types of attic insulation is that one, gets worn down over time, leading to holes and gaps in your insulation, reducing the effectiveness, and two, it is not nearly as energy-efficient as more modern types of insulation. 

Why Would You Need to Replace Attic Insulation? 

The answer is simple, the insulation you’re currently using probably isn’t as efficient at keeping your home cool in summer and warm during winter. If your attic is not insulated at all, it will stay hotter longer than an insulated space which means that more energy (and money) will be needed to keep up with cooling or heating demands.

Reasons Your Attic Insulation Could Need Replacing  

Attic insulation is not immune to the forces of nature or from critters and pests, this means that your existing insulation can become worn down or ripped. Missing insulation can also allow heat, cold, and moisture to build up., all of which are bad for your home.  

Not replacing your insulation once it is damaged can cause even further problems like mold, rot, leaks, and damage to wiring. Your insulation is a crucial part of your home and especially your attic where it gets exposed to the sun and all the other elements. Upgrading to higher quality, more energy-efficient insulation will save you many times over the cost of installation. 

How Can Upgrading Your Attic Insulation Help? 

Upgrading your attic’s insulation can make your energy bills much lower and more predictable each year. 

Insulation that is reflective can help keep your home’s air quality clean and fresh, which has been proven to have many health benefits over time. 

Newer insulation materials are much more effective than older methods of attic insulation as they work better with the changing seasons and heat sources in your home. They also provide a great balance between durability and affordability. 

If you suspect your home is wasting energy, then let Green Smart Solutions come out and do a free assessment and then get to work replacing your existing insulation with something newer and more energy-efficient. Not only will your attic be up to code, but you’ll also be saving large amounts on your energy bill that will quickly pay for the cost of the new insulation. 

You shouldn’t have to suffer from a home that’s too hot or too cold. Instead, give us a call today and let us get started with the smart solutions to make your home more energy-efficient.

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