Radiant Barrier

Attic Radiant Barrier

One of the solutions we offer is a Radiant Barrier system. More than just insulation, this system could save you upwards of 30% on your energy bills, just with this one solution alone. 

What is a Radiant Barrier System?

A radiant barrier system is an exterior insulation and finish system that helps to reduce heat transfer through the building envelope, which can lead to energy savings. Radiant barriers work by reflecting heat back up into the atmosphere rather than allowing it to come in contact with your home or office. 

Not only that, it helps keep the temperature in your home or office more comfortable by reducing the amount of heating or cooling that leaves your home. The reflective properties of the radiant barrier system can reflect up to 97% of heat back towards the source. 

This means that the heat in your home in the wintertime remains in your home. 

It also means that the radiant barrier system can help reduce cooling costs during summer by absorbing heat to a greater extent than traditional materials like drywall, plywood, or plasterboard. Plus, with an improved thermal envelope and excellent insulation characteristics, this reflective building material has become more popular for green buildings as well because of its energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. 

How Does it Work?

The radiant barrier system works by keeping heat out in the summer and during the winter. The highly reflective panels work the opposite of traditional insulation. Rather than attempt to absorb the excess heat energy to keep it from passing through other surfaces, these panels in the radiant barrier system reflect it back towards the source. 

During the summer, this means that heat is not allowed to enter your home and causes you to use more electricity for cooling. When it’s wintertime, radiant barrier system panels work by reflecting back some of the energy from indoor lights and appliances, so they don’t escape through windows or other openings in the walls.

This efficient insulation strategy also helps cool down most rooms during those hot summer days without adding additional air conditioning units because there will be less outside heat entering into your building envelope.


What About the Cost?

Radiant barrier systems can be installed anywhere within a residential or commercial property but are best suited on south-facing exterior walls since these are typically hotter than any others. The cost of initial installation is easily mitigated by the immediate savings on your energy bill. 

Within a short period of time, the system will have paid for itself and begun actively saving you money. 

Contact Green Smart Solutions and Start Saving Today 

Now that you know all about a radiant barrier system and how it can save you lots of money on your energy bill, what are you waiting for? Contact Green Smart Solutions and let us get you started with a free in-home energy savings assessment. 

From there, we can see if a radiant barrier system is the right solution for you. Don’t continue to waste energy and pay increasingly high energy bills. Let us get you started making your home greener and lower your energy bills today!

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