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If you’re interested in saving energy and lowering your energy bills, then fill out our convenient contact form or give us a call and let us see what we can do for you. 

Our primary goal is to find out how your home uses energy and where it can be improved. That’s why our primary tool is our Free In-home energy savings assessment. By doing an assessment, we not only hope to help homeowners save money, but we also help them see the how and why of energy waste so that they can take the proper steps for them to improve energy usage. 

What is Our Free In-Home Energy Savings Assessment? 

Before you waste another dollar on supposed energy-saving solutions, let us come out to you and perform our free In-Home Energy Savings Assessment. 

What our assessment is, is an inspection of your home from the ground up. We check all the major components of your home that use energy, transmit heating and cooling, and allow heating and cooling to escape. 

Much like a home inspection, we look to see where the gaps and weaknesses are in your home and what can be done to fix them. We have years of experience in inspecting homes and finding where all of their energy is going to waste. We typically can identify most of the critical areas where homes are wasting energy or losing heating and cooling. 

From there, we custom-build a plan to suit your specific needs. We have specific services we use that are directly designed to reduce energy usage. Apart from those services, though, we can also help eliminate other problem areas and get your home sealed up and as energy efficient as possible. Our customers typically save up to 30% on their energy bills just by making a few simple changes in their homes. These savings quickly pay for the cost of any necessary repairs and upgrades. 

What Happens After My Free Assessment? 

Once we’ve completed your assessment, we will put together a plan with solutions and services to address your unique home situation. 

Two of our most effective solutions are our energy-efficient attic insulation and our Radiant Barrier System installation. 

Many homeowners don’t realize that a large percentage of their heating and cooling escapes through their attic due to poor insulation. Not only that, having an improperly insulated attic can cause your insurance to go up. Most attics have to have insulation up to a certain standard to be considered up to code. 

A Radiant Barrier System is a special reflective paneling that reflects out 97% of all heat from outside and keeps all your heat inside during the cold months. Installation of the Radiant Barrier System alone can save you loads of money on your energy bills and pay for itself in no time. 

We can also help with energy sealing your home. New energy-efficient windows, wrapping your heater or upgrading your HVAC, switching to a programmable thermostat, there are many small things you can do to improve energy efficiency as well. 

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When you’re ready to make your home more efficient, give us a call or fill out our convenient contact form and let us get started with your free in-home energy-saving assessment today.